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To reduce the height and/ or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of the branches whilst maintaining the trees natural shape.

The removal of branches within the crown without altering the overall size and shape of the tree. This method enables sun light and wind to pass through the canopy thus reducing shading to the ground and wind damage to larger branches.


Is the removal of D.D.D. (Dead, Diseased and Dangerous) branches. This is normally a 10% thin with the removal of crossing and rubbing branches.


This is carried out in a trees early years (between 6‐10yrs). It’s the removal of un‐wanted and badly formed branches to establish a firm branch structure for a mature tree.


Pollarding a tree is the removal of all the smaller growth to leave a framework of larger branches.
This practice is not suitable for mature tree that has never been subjected to Pollarding as large wounds all over it could be fatal. Once Pollarding is introduced to a tree, it is usually carried out annually or bi‐annually to develop ‘Pollard Heads’ on each branch.


Carried out in early spring to establish a good form and a better quality of crop. As well as thinning, care should be taken in removing diseased branches to prevent spreading of infections to the fruit.


Is cutting a tree down to ground level. This is achieved by ‘Felling’ the tree over in one or ‘Dismantling’ a tree in sections using various equipment to lower branches and stems to the ground under complete control.


Weather you require us to reduce a 40ft high hedge to 20ft or bring the top down on a single tree, our team of tree experts can produce a neat finish.


Our highly skilled team can undertake all variations of hedge work fro Ornamental trimming with sheers to regular garden hedge trimming to large reductions using rope, harness and chainsaws.


We operate a 24 hour call out service for your peace of mind. Our experienced team of tree surgeons will come out and make your tree safe whatever the condition. We will then arrange a suitable date for us to come back and remove the debris.


We remove stumps by using a machine that literally ‘grinds’ the stump away leaving a pile of wood and soil mix. This can be put around the garden as mulch. We can remove the root bowl to enable turffing, replanting, laying foundations etc..


None of the plant material we remove from your site goes into land fill. All the branches that can be, are put through our chipper and recycled into wood chip mulch. We take this to our holding yard where the chip is ‘turned over’ to help it break down evenly. After 6 weeks, the chip is ready to go back onto borders as a soil improving mulch. We sell seasoned split firewood by the truck load
(approx. 3m³) or by the dumpy bag (approx. 1m³).


We can provide an accurate virtual image (x-ray) of the inside of your tree.  Our non-invasive equipment uses a sonic tomography to identify solid and decayed timber within the tree.  Alternatively, a quick, less accurate method of decay detection is the use of a “Resistograph”.  This drills a hole into the tree and records the resistance of the timber as it penetrates the tree.  This tells us if there is any rot within the tree, how far beneath the bark it is and how far gone it is in the decaying process.



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Tree Surgery Bristol ~ Tree Surgeons Bristol ~ Arbourists Bristol ~ Tree Lopping Bristol